‘Working’ Artist…

When most folks think about artists, they normally don’t think about manual labor, long hours, sore muscles, aching backs, burnt flesh or torn rotator cuffs.  

Stephen Powell of Centre College
Stephen Rolfe Powell of Centre College

But the fact is, most artists experience varying levels of mental and physical strain just to gift the world with astonishing visual forms most of us couldn’t even begin to imagine, much less create.

With this in mind, the Getty publication Iris pays homage to the working artist here. It is wonderful to see major museums reminding us all of just how difficult it is to be an artist. It’s a major commitment, not to mention the fact that most folks just don’t get it, and don’t want to…

My undergraduate institution, Centre College, has a world-class hot glass program created by internationally known artist Stephen Rolfe Powell. When I was a freshman at Centre in the early 1990’s, I wanted so badly to take one of his classes.

But I was so intimidated. I tried my hand at ceramics and had an epic fail.

I found comfort in English lit and art history. (Drs. Reigelman, Lucas, Levin, Bastian, Rasmussen, Ciholas…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…)

By the way, this is not a shameless plug for Centre College. Really.

Just a gentle reminder that most artists work…some just work harder than others.



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